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High 5 Zero Tabs

ZERO is the new electrolyte drink from High5; it's virtually calorie free (1.4 cal per 100ml), has a light refreshing taste and is packed with essential electrolytes to boost your performance.
Zero is easy to use, drop a tablet in your bottle and it quickly dissolves in water to give you a delicious, refreshing, advanced electrolyte drink with added magnesium. The small recyclable tube contains 20 tablets and makes 15 litres of drink in your own reusable sports bottle, which means optimal hydration with less waste so it's good for the environment too. 
Zero is an essential part of any anti cramp strategy as cramp has been linked to both dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Zero contains; sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
Zero is perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, the gym, pro athletes, footballers, racket sports or anyone who wants to stay active and hydrated.

Nuun Active Hydration Tablets

Whether you're biking, running, swimming or generally building up a sweat, it's important to stay properly hydrated.

Nuun is available in these flavours:

  • Lemon and Lime
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Kona Cola
  • Tropical
  • Lemon Tea
  • Tri-berry
  • Banana
  • Fruit Punch

Nuun is a hydration solution for anyone active. We all know we need to drink more and that staying hydrated is key to optimal performance. Did you know that a 2% loss in body fluids (i.e. through sweating) can equal a 20% loss in performance? Through high activity one can easily sweat this amount in an hour. Therefore it's vital to stay properly hydrated.

High 5 IsoGel

High 5 Iso Gel is a concentrated sports fuel for instant energy. It has a lighter consistency so is more like a drink than a gel. Available in real fruit juice flavours for a great taste. There's no need to drink additional water with Iso Gel.

Power Bar Gel

 PowerBar PowerGel Energy In An Instant

PowerGel developed for athletes who:

  • Take their training and competition seriously
  • Strive for their limits, then push beyond
  • Look for every natural advantage
  • The 110-120 calories of pure carbohydrates in PowerBar PowerGel perform like an "energy tail wind" to help you achieve and excel. And the advantages keep going:
  • 100% carbohydrates for a quick and effective energy source when you need it most.
  • Antioxidant vitamins C & E, electrolytes and the PowerBar exclusive amino acid blend.
  • Caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors, depending on your needs. Apple contains the PowerBar PowerGel Booster Blend of caffeine, kola nut extract and ginseng. Vanilla, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Banana and Tropical Fruit are caffeine free.
  • PowerBar PowerGel: Energy in an instant for serious athletes striving for optimum performance.

SIS GO Isotonic Gel

Concentrated carbohydrate energy in a convenient fast-flow gel, SiS GO Isotonic is the world's first and only isotonic energy gel with a unique patented formulation.

  • Formulated to provide carbohydrate energy and electrolytes
  • 60ml of Isotonic energy per sachet
  • Just rip off the corner and squeeze into your mouth