Roller Derby

Due to Roller Derby becoming bigger & bigger we are now able to stock and order Roller Derby kit. We can get a wide range of brands from SureGrip, Antik, 187, Power Dyne & much more...

The Roller Derbey kit is either in stock or can be ordered for prompt delivery. They represent a very small selection of the Roller Derby kit we sell so why not pop in to the shop to see the full range that we can order. We also do two starter kits which start from £105 & £135.


Bones Reds Bearings Reds

Bones REDS™ are manufactured in China to our Bones Skate Rated™ specifications in a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings in China. They are inspected twice before being shipped to skaters and offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost in the industry. Because they offer near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost, they have become the best selling bearing brand in the U.S.A.

* Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
* High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
* Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant.
* Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.


* Set of 16 bearings

Bones Bearing Tool

Bones Bearings new bearing tool. It acts as both a bearing press and a puller as well. It works with 8mm bearing and for the 90% of people not using spacers in their wheels. It is designed to press the bearings putting only force on the inner race so you wont dent your shields. Ball detent technology and small enough to fit in your pocket and make it your key chain.

Gumball Toestops Short Stem - 17mm

The #1 toe stop in derby. Gumball® Toe Stops are designed and made specifically with roller derby in mind. Made with all natural rubber and an aluminum stem (to reduce weight), Gumball® Toe Stops have the perfect balance of grip and durability necessary for quick stops and fast starts. Gumball® Toe Stops are great for all types of skating surfaces including wood, sport tile, polished and unpolished concrete, masonite, banked tracks and outdoor. They are available in two stem lengths, standard and short. With all of the various toe stops on the market, Gumballs were the only toe stops designed specifically for derby, giving you the best grip for stopping and starting. The ingredients used in the compound are natural and uncolored, which provides you with the ultimate stopping power and durability. We developed the only stop that is guaranteed NOT to pop off the stem due to a very innovate design that is wider than standard heads and allows for the stem and rubber to be integrated. It's also the only stop that comes in two stem lengths. The shape of a Gumball allows you to create your own stopping platform, unlike others that come pre-flattened or shaped, changing your natural stopping position. With so many industry firsts and game changing designs, there's a reason that Gumball toe stops are the best selling toe stops in derby.

Mini/Short // 17 mm
Standard // 30 mm

Suregrip Plates Magnesium Avenger

The Avenger is a light weight skate plate that utilizes the 45 degree kingpin design that we pioneered more than 20 years ago. Super agile, super light…..Super plate. Avenger magnesium is 25% lighter than the Avenger aluminum.

Smith Scabs Adult Combo Pack

Knee pads, Elbow pads, and Wrist guards
Professional design
Velcro closure for easy entry
Absorbent slow memory knee cup foam
Black hard cap

Also available in Red & Blue