With Triathlons being more and more popular in Guernsey we stock a variety of Triathlon Clothing from Goggles to Tri-suits to Wetsuits.

Our two main brands are Orca and 2XU. With Wetsuits starting from £148.50 up to £300.00 we have wetsuits for all.  

Popular Products

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Orca Profile Goggles

An essential for every swimmers gear bag, the Orca Profile Goggle combines the key features required in a multipurpose training goggle. The strong, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens provides UV protection and has a new generation anti-fog treatment. The Profile has a one piece silicone frame and gasket construction and silicone headstrap with quick side adjustment to stay comfortable and secure.

BodyGlide Anti-Chafe with SPF 25 balm

Anti-Chafe with SPF 25 is a one of a kind, 2-in-1 balm to help prevent sunburn, also friction caused hot spots on feet. It helps to prevent & relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin head to toe; good during & after activity.

It penetrates the skin to create a comfortable, invisible barrier against friction and moisture without clogging pores or trapping perspiration, even for the most avid sun-lover; feels 'dry' to the touch.

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Zone 3 Mens Advance Wetsuit

The Zone3 Advance wetsuit was tested by 220 magazine in 2013 and compared against 13 other brands. The overall rating for the suit was 92%, achieving the BEST BUY award in the process. Zone3 always try to give the absolute best product for the price point and as the review stated the Advance "wouldn't feel out of place against many of the mid-range products at twice the price." also tested the wetsuit and went on to say that the shoulder flexibility felt as good as a top of the range wetsuit from another well known brand. The suit offers the key ingredients which make the Zone3 wetsuit range so popular but slight changes to the materials and thickness of the suit enable the price to be kept this low.

Orca S5 Mens Wetsuit

Orca's generation S-series speedsuit continues its evolution with the S5. While retaining many of the great features of the S4, the new S5 introduces a 5mm thick panel of neoprenen from neck to mid-leg, increasing flexibility and bouyancy, making it the most buoyant entry level wetsuit on the market. Like its predecessor, the S5 promises hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability. Its full neoprene coverage includes SCS coated 3-4mm Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene across the full front. 2mm Yamamoto 39-cell coated neoprene underarm and shoulder panels provide a superb range of motion. The back is made of 3mm Smooth Skin neoprene, offering buoyancy and thermal protection. Silicone-print Hydrostroke forearm catch panels increase power through the stroke, while Speed Transition calf panels make transitions faster still.

Orca Equip Mens Wetsuit

The Orca Equip is ideal for those transitioning from the pool to open water, or unfamiliar with swimming in a wetsuit. 2-5mm premium quality SCS-coated Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene front panels ensure a range of motion normally associated with intermediate and top level wetsuits. 3-4mm Smooth Skin neoprene panels through the back add buoyancy, while Speed Transition panels aid transition times. The Equip's Hydrostroke forearm panel has a distinctive silicone print, which catches the water through the pull phase of the stroke. The 2014 Equip's redesigned torso panel also provides better body positioning, plus increased buoyancy through the waist and thighs. A multi-stretch lining makes the suit incredibly flexible. Refinements to the waist panel include extending it over the chest, while retaining its 3mm thickness to boost buoyancy.