Ian Brown

Ian is the founder and Director of Ian Brown's Cycle Shop. Ian's passion for cycling and cycle racing began as a 15 year old taking part in the Guernsey Velo Club races.

In the winter of 1981 Ian was recruited to manage a new business known then as simply "Cycle Shop". The business began selling bicycles made by Gitane in France and ridden by the legendary Bernard Hinault, five times winner of the Tour de France and then another French legend and Tour winner Laurent Fignon. In August 1983, after 18 months managing the business, Ian became the sole proprietor of the company. At that stage the shop became known as "Ian Brown's Cycle Shop". 

During the next two decades he represented Guernsey at two Commonwealth Games (Edinburgh - Scotland 1986 and Auckland - New Zealand 1990) and seven Island Games 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999 and finally in the Isle of Man in 2001. Ian didn't know it at the time but the 2001 Island Games Town Centre Criterium was to be his last competitive race, choosing to take a few weeks off, but after 26 years non stop he never ever got going again.

Ian also raced for Great Britain in 1989 and 1990. In both of those years he rode the Tour of Normandy competing amongst the world's finest cyclists of the era including Ekimov, Jdanov, Ivanov and Nelubin from Russia, Moncassin, Virenque, Vivien and the Carlin brothers from France with World road and Olympic champions amongst them.