Friday, February 9, 2024
Cycle 2 Work Scheme

Why should we Cycle to Work?

Cycling to work in Guernsey has become increasingly popular in recent years, following a boom in cycling uptake during the Covid pandemic and the years that have followed. Cycling has many proven health benefits, both physical and mental; it is therefore no wonder that many local businesses have been encouraging the uptake of cycling to work amongst their employees and reaping the rewards throughout their company as a result.

What is the Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop Cycle2Work Scheme?

In the UK, there is an official government backed Cycle to Work Scheme, designed to encourage employees to commute to work by bicycle. At Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop, we have created a similar scheme that enables employers to offer their staff savings on new cycle purchases as an incentive to take up cycling to work. Throughout the process we provide a central location to companies enrolled in the scheme and help employees and employers alike choose the best commuter option for their individual requirements.

How can cycling to work benefit employees?

Not only is cycling to work a more enjoyable start to your day than sitting in a car stuck in traffic, but it is also a more environmentally friendly form of travel, leading to a considerable reduction in your carbon footprint. Compared to refuelling your car, cycling to work is significantly cheaper, meaning you can save money whilst increasing your physical fitness, clearing your mind, and boosting your mental wellbeing. There are a whole number of studies highlighting the enormous benefits of an active lifestyle on one’s mental and physical wellbeing; and what better way to fit exercise into your day than using your commute to work to do so?

How can cycling to work benefit employers?

The evidence shows that it is not only employees who benefit from our Cycle2Work scheme, but employers too. Commuting to work by bike is proven to promote punctuality. The healthier lifestyles created through active commutes can be directly linked to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Furthermore, increased cardiovascular fitness will result in a general improvement in sleep quality which is therefore reflected in employee performance within the workplace. Ultimately, healthier employees = happier employees… as an employer, what more could you ask for?

Why choose the Ian Brown’s Cycle2Work Scheme?

At Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop we have been supplying quality bikes, accessories, and services for over 40 years and have been offering our Cycle2Work scheme for 15 years. With a well-stocked shop that caters for all cyclists, run by passionate and dedicated staff, we are in the best position to pass on our expertise knowledge and advice, to help find the best possible options for you.

What happens now?

If you believe your company would be interested in unlocking the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce, through promoting and encouraging cycling to work with the Ian Brown’s Cycle Shop Cycle2Work Scheme, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]  to discuss this further.

From there, it only remains for you to begin enjoying your newfound transport option!

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