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Topeak JoeBlow Sport III
From £35.25

The new JoeBlow® III continues the tradition of setting the benchmark for floor pump durability and performance, while ushering in upgrades with an enlarged 3” chronograph inspired gauge and new hammer style TwinHead® DX pump head. A durable steel barrel and base as well as ergonomic padded handle make inflating tires a breeze.

Topeak JoeBlow Max II
From £30.75

An entry level leader with features you will find on more expensive pumps. Topeak quality and durability in a more affordable price point.  

Topeak RaceRocket
From £28

The RaceRocket®’s compact size easily fits in a jersey pocket and its low weight is welcome on long training rides and endurance races. An extendable hose helps take stress off the valve stem and the dependable single action stroke fills tires fast.

From £37.50

This economical, all-metal Air Tool Sport SwitchHitter II Floor Pump comes with all of the essentials for easy inflation and an accurate reading. 2″ (50mm) oversized gauge is easy to read with excellent accuracy. New ergonomic Wing handle. All-steel construction on base and barrel. 42″ (110cm) hose length makes the pump easy to use. Auto […]

From £19.25

The best road mini pump does two things well—it inflates tubes quickly, and it stashes easily. The reliable Air Tool Road Mini pump moves almost twice as much air as its predecessor, thanks to its inverted dual chamber design. It gives you total peace of mind on days when pesky flats catch you off-guard.